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Key Contacts
William A. Haupt President bill.haupt@upfro.com
Peter J. Haupt CFO/VP Marketing pete.haupt@upfro.com
Richard C. Haupt, Jr. VP Operations rick.haupt@upfro.com
Samuel E. Rosenhaus Team Leader Northeast sam.rosenhaus@upfro.com
Margaret Bailey Sr. Manager Commercial Lines peg.bailey@upfro.com 
Robert Martinsen Commercial Lines Consultant and Quality Control robert.martinsen@upfro.com
Don Bellini Quality Review don.bellini@upfro.com
Kelly Christopher Mgr. Computer Department kelly.christopher@upfro.com 
Michelle Budd Mgr. Report Distribution michelle.budd@upfro.com 
Susan Supperer (nee Grogg) Asst VP Training and Development susan.supperer@upfro.com
James Papalia Team Leader Capital Region james.papalia@upfro.com
Payroll/HR Manager Payroll/HR Manager Help@upfro.com

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