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So what does an insurance inspector do?

 Before Property Insurance Underwriters will issue an insurance policy - such as a Homeowner's Policy - they will need to know all about the property.

 Insurance inspectors are their eyes and ears. They travel to the home to be insured and complete a physical inspection. This usually includes diagramming the home, completing a checklist of hazards & conditions plus photographing the home along with any noted hazards or conditions.

 Inspections are most often completed from the exterior of the home - with no appointment necessary. But on occasions, interior information is needed. Electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, and wood-burning stoves are a typical concern of an underwriter. This may require an inspector to make direct contact with the homeowner.


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How many inspections should I be able to complete in a day?

 A full time inspector working in a populated area should be able to complete a minimum of 20 standard reports daily.  Most inspectors typically average 20 to 30 stops.  Many inspectors, based on volume of requests and territory can complete much, much more. This includes your time in the field and your time to submit your report, diagram and photos on your computer using our UIRS - UPFRO Information & Retrieval System.

Many inspectors will schedule full days in the field and then submit 2 or 3 days worth of work with an in-office day.  This allows inspectors to set up their own personal schedules and work around bad weather days.


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How is an inspector paid?

 Inspectors may be paid a salary or may be paid a fee per each report.  Full-time inspectors may participate in our Benefit Programs that include Health Coverage.  Salaried inspectors may also expect to receive paid vacation and holidays after your initial ninety (90) days. 

Ask about our different employment programs during your interview.

 UPFRO employees both Full-time and Part-time employees.

 UPFRO will use Field Service Vendors who meet our criteria.

FSV's must have an established business, an FEIN, and appropriate business insurances. UPFRO refrains from using sub-contractors.

 UPFRO pays inspectors twice a month.


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How long does it take to complete an inspection?

 Once you have reached the home, it normally takes less than 10-15 minutes for a standard exterior inspection.

An exterior report, like most reports, require the inspector to ring the doorbell on the property they will inspect. During this time exterior features can be marked off on the field form.

The exterior inspection can be completed with walking around the dwelling twice.  Circle the property the first time to note and photograph features, conditions and hazards. Make the return trip to measure and sketch the home.  We use rollers and measure to the nearest foot.

Submitting the report via our web based UIRS system requires a few basic steps per each report.

  1. Uploading your digital photos
  2. Completing a diagram
  3. Completing the appropriate form(s) check offs, pull downs and comments.  Most forms are defaulted and you need only complete the conditions or hazards you noted.
  4. Completing the Main Screen (to invoice for your report) and submitting.

 Ask about our new Report Writer Inspector Positions

- less wrtie up and more field time -


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Are expenses paid?

 Salaried Inspectors are eligible for paid expenses. Expenses for Fee Inspectors are included in the fees. 


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What does an inspector photograph?

 Each home should get a photo of the front and of the rear showing all sides of the home.

An address verification photo is supplied when contact is not made.

 Each hazard or condition noted should get a photo as well.

 Digital photos can be easily uploaded when you submit your report.


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What needs to be diagramed?

 The diagram of the home should show all sections of the home. For example, you should show the two-story section with a basement, the one-story wing with a crawl space, the open porch, the deck and the attached garage.

 Measurements, taken with a tape measure, a measuring wheel, etc, should be rounded off to the nearest foot. Measurements should be provided for each section of the home so that the square footage can be calculated for each.

Want to see a sample? Click here: See Sample Diagram

 Diagrams are drawn using our easy-to-use Diagram Program.


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What kind of forms does an inspector complete?

 Field forms are available for your use.  You will submit your final report using the UIRS web site.  Simple pull-down or check off responses and fill-ins will complete your report. Information is usually defaulted so you need only address the conditions or hazards you noted in the field.

 Form Information is normally broken down into the following categories:

  • Fire Protection
  • Property Conditions
  • Liability Conditions
  • Exposures

 There may be different forms customized for different companies but the basic information is the same.

 Want to see a full sample field form? Click here: See Sample Check-off Field Form


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What are the three most important parts of property insurance inspecting?

 Time Service - Time Service - Time Service!


 An underwriter only has a limited amount of time to make a decision about the home you are inspecting. In many states, if a decision is not made within the allotted time - the underwriter cannot cancel the policy - no matter what you may find wrong when you do your inspection.


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How much time is allowed to complete an inspection?

 Standard Time Service should be no more than 2 weeks from the date of the request for new business reports.

 Project Reports may have an extended time period.



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What should I know about UPFRO?

 Since 1950, UPFRO has provided the insurance industry with timely and accurate reports.  Our reputation in the insurance industry is #1!

 UPFRO is a family run business and we treat everyone at UPFRO like family.

 UPFRO provides full support for all their inspectors 

Does UPFRO supply training?

 YES.  UPFRO has a complete training program with ongoing support.

Training is based upon your own background and may include in-office, field and web-seminar meetings.

Why should I want to work for UPFRO?

 To be part of a proven successful team!


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