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Conclusions are not to be drawn that there are no other hazards or unsafe conditions on the inspected premises. UPFRO does not imply that all Federal, State or other local subdivision Safety Standards and/ or Regulations have been met. Furthermore, UPFRO cannot assume any responsibility or legal liability resulting from misinformation given to our representative, or for any consequential damages resulting from inaccuracies, human error or delays, for whatever reason in reporting unusual conditions to clients.

Reports made from observations and interviews regarding such conditions and practices as were observed and considered at the time of call, is not intended to indicate that there are no other exposures. UPFRO does not assume any liability due to misinformation given to the inspector, nor inaccuracies or human error, nor answers to questions and narrative remarks based only on statements of informants available at time of inquiry which are not based on public records, searches, verifications, etc.


 Last Updated: 2017 April 19